Texas Holdem has come to Town!

Sunday, 20. December 2009

A famous card game finally came to town! And it goes by the name “Texas Holdem”. But, just a warning: whosoever wants to play this game must know that luck is not the main factor in taking home green bills.

Texas holdem is a kind of poker game. It usually consists of two faced down cards which are dealt to all the players in the table. Aside from that, there are also five community cards placed by the dealer–these are series of three (also called the flop) and then two extra cards (also called the turn and the river). Through this the players have the chance to check, fold or bet after each and every deal.

The amount on the pot which had been contributed by the players themselves is the one which they must all compete with. A player must have a good hand for him to take home all the money in the pot.

Now that this game had finally come to town, you better play now too!